Bread stamps

In former time bread stamps had been created to distinguish every family’s bread, but they had also cultural and religious significance. Because the ovens were mainly public or belonged to wealthy families, it was necessary to distinguish the loaves belonging to different families different by size, shape and decoration.For this reason the leavened dough was stamped before being baked.
Other bread stamps are made with ornamental designs representing saints, religious symbols etc and dedicated to a religious or cultural event.

These bread stamps mainly had been made in wood, but also with other materials, often decorated with human figures, animals or other decorative design.

We would like to collect memories about the use of bread stamps in families in the different countries/localities. If bread stamps still exist in family households, we would like to represent them on the Website by photos.

But we would also invite you to create a bread stamp for our common project “Tastes of Danube. Bread.Wine and Herbs” or a bread stamp for the Danube-Bread we will create. There will be a competition about, more information later.