Bread Survey “Bread in the change of times”

We wanted to investigate about the attitude and opinion of older and younger people towards bread.

It will not be a scientific research but help us to understand the main changes in the use of bread which influence all the habits, comparing the differences in age, sex, territory .

First we were going to study bread and its use on a general regional level by an ID carte of use of bread.

Then a qualitative methodology will be applied by a personal questionnaire using the way of interviews to get memories about living conditions and habits. The questionnaire had been developed by senior students in the frame of the European project SoLiLL for senior students realized by ZAWiW.

The questionnaire will be widespread in national language to all participating groups, interviews will be made by students with older people, the results will be analyzed and compared on an regional, national and international level. The questionnaire is divided into two parts: eating habits and the importance of bread in the life of people.

We know that the results will show a quite valid, but always partial perspective of reality, only a section of the multidimensional reality itself. But they will be the base of a wider and deeper research about the relevance of bread in our cultures up today, the development from homemade bread to industrial bread and the reflection about the significance of bread for human beings.

Look for the Id-carte of bread and the Personal Questionnaire under the folder “Materials”