Workshop for Making Bread with Danube Leaven in Varna

The Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development, Varna, with the Chairman Mr. Iliya Iliev, children from the School of Art DEDAL and their parents took part in a workshop for making bread with Danube leaven (sourdough) which was brought by Mrs. Carmen Stadelhofer, Akad. Dir’in a.D., coordinator of the Project Tastes of Danube: Bread.Wine.Herbs and President of the Internationa [...]

Iliya Iliev

SI Club Ruse, Bulgaria transferres the Urteig ( sourdough) to the SI Club Brasov, Romania

On 20th March, 2016, members of two friendly Soroptimist International clubs from Brashov, Romania and Ruse, Bulgaria met in Ruse to implement the first part of their joint project, titled “ To Nurture a Talent”. Education projects are a priority for SI clubs this year and during their meeting in Ruse, the two clubs from Ruse and Brashov declared their participation in another social proj [...]

Milena Popova

Presentation of the project Tastes of Danube on the television Europa Nova in Timisoara, Romania

The local television Europa Nova reported the visit of Carmen Stadelhofer and the Danube-Networkers from Ulm  in Timisoara on April 20th, 2016 . They had been invited by their partner Association “Writers League” within the project “Tastes of Danube”. The “Urteig” (sourdough) had been given to all partners from Timisoara Region.

Carmen Stadelhofer