Museum of Bread from Valeni, Moldova

In the village Valeni (Cahul district) is the most “delicious” Museum of Moldova. Here you will not see a sign saying “Do not touch the exhibits”, but on the contrary the exhibits cannot only be touched but they can be tested as well. This amazing museum of bread pleases its visitors with delicious “specimens” and thus has a huge success among the visitors, w [...]

Ana Mitioglu

Visit of the Bread Museum Jeremija in Pecinci, Serbia

In the frame of the board meeting of DANET in Belgrade on December 1st/2nd 2015, an international group of Danube-Networkers went to Jeremia to visit the very interesting and significant Museum of Bread. The painter Jeremias and his wife gave the delegation a warm welcome to, and a highly informative conversation took place. All participants were very impressed by the the wide variety of the collected works and the beautiful arrangement of the museum.

Carmen Stadelhofer