Dry bread stuffing

At the translation workshop, the U3A students chose to translate a recipe for the course bread with yoghurt or sour milk, dry bread stuffing and dandelion salads. The following article describes how to make dry bread stuffing. The other recipes can be read on the homepage.

Zdenka Brlek

Dark rye buns made with natural yeast

Students attending English conversation group translated yet another recipe from the book Kruh – tradicija i običaji (published by POUZ). The recipes were selected by Mrs. Ria Olić, a teacher working at the U3A, and our students chose which one they will translate. Translation was made as a homework task and students’ translations were discussed [...]

Neda, Ljiljana, Vesna, Ranka, Helena, Ljubica, Zlata and Elizabeta

God’s Bread

Students of English conversation group have in February, at the beginning of the semester, chosen two recipes from the book: Kruh – tradicija i običaji (POUZ). We have decided to translate these recipes for the purpose of the ongoing project Tastes of Danube. In order to produce a good translation we have used all of our previous knowledge, dictionaries and to make [...]

Dijana Bebek Miletic

Miner’s Bread

The students of English conversation group at the U3A Zagreb translated another bread recipe from the book Kruh: tradicija i običaji (POUZ). Here you can read how to bake the Miner’s Bread.

Dijana Bebek Miletić

Bread of the Poor - Proja or Kuruza

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century people, in the rural parts of Croatia, such as Zagorje, Lika and Dalmatinska Zagora didn’t have much and were very poor. I would like to share with you an old and a new recipe for the bread they usually made back than. The name of the bread is Proja or Kuruza.

Antica Popović

Popara: Discovering old recipes with bread

In Croatia, as probably in many other countries, we were raised never to throw away the bread. Even if it were old we would find the way to use it. So, this is a recipe of a meal my mother use to make to us when I was a little girl, and I make it still today. The name of the dish is popara but my grandchildren call this meal grandma and grandpa’s pizza.

Ljiljana Vezmar