New publication: “On the Danube Shore”

The book of Prof. Ionel Cionchin comes “just in time”. In a period, when Europe is full of problems, when walls are raised to stop in South-East and Middle Europe migration floods over the so called “Balkan route”, when false information and stereotypes about each other are on an increase, it is good to reflect upon about our common history in the Danube Region, what united and what sep [...]

Carmen Stadelhofer

Results of the project to the theme Bread in the De La Salle School, Illertissen

The pupils of the 9th classe in the La Salle School in Illertissen worked in the frame of the chemistry course in working groups about bread. In their presentations the 14th of March , the pupils told about the history of bread starting in the former Egypt  and ending with historical survey about the meaning of bread in Rome and the French and Russian Revolutions . In a little excurse, they ga [...]

Stefanie Mayer

Projectstart on the theme of "Bread" in the De la Salle school, Illertissen

In 9th grade, the bavarian pupils have to do a project presentation for developing and strengthening their competences in planing, working and presenting the contents of a theme, given to them by one of the teachers. Two groups of four pupils choose the theme “Bread – in former times and today”. They work on the topics “Differences between traditional baking and industrial produced bulk [...]

Stefanie Mayer

Bread and Salt

Romania is known for its hospitality. Moreover play Bread and Salt an important role. Florin Catalin describes it shortly “Hospitality rituals, Bread, Salt”. The pictures show how bread baking rituals were practiced in the Technical Gymnasium “St. Ioan de La Salle”, Pildesti as the pupils welcome the guests by the schoolmaster meeting in November 2015.

Prof. Dr. Dorcu Florin Cătălin

Bread - baking rituals

Dorcu Florin Cătălin, teacher at the Technological Gymnasium “St. Ioan de La Salle”, Pildesti researched on the rituals people have by bread baking in the region Moldau. Together with his pupils, he organised a special baking action in the school’s yard in order to show the individual steps of bread baking.

Prof. Dr. Dorcu Florin Cătălin

The Taste of Djerdap

“The Taste of Djerdap” is meant to be a unique guide which will tell the stories about the traditional Djerdap cuisine and the ways of preparing the local dishes. There are also recipes of bread or of dishes made of bread. It is a wonderful book with excellent pictures which enable the reader to get to know national park Djerdap in an unconventional man­ner and motivate him to visit the l [...]

Jelena Bujdic Kreckovic/Dejan Zagorac