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    Primary school “N. Y. Vaptsarov”, Selanovtsi

    Who we are

    Selanovtsi is one of the biggest villages in Bulgaria. It is located in Vratsa, Oryahovo. The distance to Danube river in straight line is 6km. The people in the village keep their feet firmly on the ground. The yards are big – around 3 acres. The arable land is 110 000 acres. That’s why the people in Selanovtsi buit a monument in the center of the village in the shape of two hoes. It is not a secret that the village man has his own philosophy and interesting sense of humor. In 2013 there was a project which was funded by a Program for Rural Development and next to the two hoes monument was built another one of The Little Prince and the four planets that he visited. In 2016 local author submitted the composition with figured and charactes from the Exupery’s book.

    Every year the villagers organize international folklore festival “Maize smiles” with almost 1000 paticipants from different countries. The main organizer is community center “Self-education 1894” – a cultural institution with rich and diverse activity.

    Primary school “N. Y. Vaptsarov” is the only school in the village. It was founded on the 12 of Jnuary 195.

    In different periods it was Primary, Secondary and then again Primary school. In 2008 the school had overhaul under OP “Regional Development”.

    Today the school has 181 students in 8 classes from grade 1 to grade 8. It has 2 oarding groups. In the school teach 19 professionals who take their job as a mission. The students achieve success in the classroom level, extracurricular activities, competitions, Olympiads at the municipal provincial and national level. The school participates in projects, financed by national and European programs. It’s one of the 84 pilot schools in the country, working on the project “Including training” by OPHRD for working with students with SEN and continues in this area in the project “Support for equal access and personal development” by SEIG . The students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities of their own choice, which gives meaning to their free time and professional orientation. By the project “Your hour” in the school are formed 15 groups. The school team is partner with the school board, with the team of Kinder Garden “Peace”, MCC Oryahovo, Tow Hall Selanovtsi and other NGOs. The school is one of the 33 schools, working on the project “The school as a center in community” to the national grid for children.

    The coming holiday celebration is organized by the students, teachers and the community center employees from Selanovtsi.

    On behalf of the whole community accept our Christmas and New Year regards!!!

    Our Christmas package

    How we celebrate Christmas

    The celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas in Selanovtsi, Vratsa, Bulgaria

    The magic of Christmas Eve is happening around the table. Under it there is a colorful rug. It’s symbol of the colorful life. On the rug they put straws. On the table we have to have at least seven non meat meals, which represent the days of the week, or nine – the months one mother is waiting to give birth to her baby, or twelve – the months of the year. Forty days before Christmas everybody stops eating animal products, so they ca purify their bodies and souls. Usually the meals include: stuffed peppers with rice and onion, baked pumpkin, beans, dried fruits, walnuts, boiled wheat, apple pie, onion, garlic, honey and bread with hidden coin. In our village we call the bread “oxcart”, because we make it that way, so it really looks like the four wheel of the oxcart, which serves to transport everything that the field gave birth to. It likens the season too, which are rotating throughout the year.

    Everybody sits early around the table, so the wheat ripens early too. All the little kids are rolling up on the straws, but only in one direction, which represents the fertility. The fallen wheat grains are gathered and put in the animals cages, so they can give birth to lots of little lambs, poddies, pigs and chickens.

    Only the mother can get of the table during the dinner. She has to walk lowered, which symbolize the fertility. The bread is cut by the oldest man. The first piece is out in front of the icon. There is a hidden coin inside. The one who finds it will have luck during the whole year.

    In the fireplace is burning a massive piece of wood for the whole night. If it’s sparkling, the year will be full of joy and yield. In the late night hours groups of young boys start walking around the houses with songs that bring health and fertility. The hosts give them small breads, walnuts, apples, etc. to thak them.

    When everybody is done eating the men go to hunt sparrows. In the early hours of Christmas, the woman coos them and afterwards she cooks the chicken. That’s when the people living in Selanovtsi begin to eat animal products again. Then they slaughter the pigs and the endlessly winter celebration begins!

    Recipes Christmas cookies

    Recipe for Christmas gingerbread made from studio “Feast and bread from coffer of grandmother” by project “Your hour”

    Products for one dose

    2 eggs

    1 tea cup of sugar

    ½ tea cup of honey

    ½ tea cup of oil

    ½ tea cup of cinnamon

    2 packets of vanillia

    1 spoon/coffe spoon/ baking soda

    Flour as much as it can take over


    It kneads for a short time. It forms into balls. The pan is covered with oil and the balls are placed in a distance from each other so that they don’t glue to the pan. In the baking the appropriate shape /it can be a bottle cap/ is being dunk in cocoa and pressed on balls. So they begin to look like mushrooms.

    Bake at 180 degrees, in preheated oven. Subtract warm 9we take it out warm), because we don’t want to stick to the pan, by touching carefully, because they are soft. We arranged them on a single line while cool. Served to a nice people with tea, coffee and milk.

    Happy, aromatic and delicious Christmas and New Year holidays – wish we, the children from Selanovtsi.

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    Primary school “N. Y. Vaptsarov”, Selanovtsi

    Who we are

    Село Селановци е едно от най-големите села в България. Намира се във Врачанска област, община Оряхово. Разстоянието до р. Дунав по права линия е 6 км. Хората в него „здраво са стъпили на земята”. Дворовете са големи – по 3дк, а обработваемата земя в полето 110 000 дк. Затова селановчани са издигнали за паметник в центъра на селото две ... мотики. Но за никого не е тайна, че селският човек има своя философия и интересно чувство за хумор. Редом до мотиките, по проект, финансиран от Програмата за развитие на селските райони през 2013 година се издигна фонтан със странна форма - Малкият принц и четири от планетите, които той е посетил. През 2016 година местен автор обогати композицията с фигури, персонажи от книгата на Екзюпери.

    Всяка година селото организира международен фолклорен фестивал „Кукурузени усмивки” с близо 1000 участници от различни страни. Основен организатор е читалище „Самообразование 1894” – културна институция с богата и разнообразна дейност.

    Основно училище „Н.Й.Вапцаров” е единственото училище в селото. Отворило е врати на 12 януари 1958 година. През различни периоди е било основно, средно и отново основно училище. През 2008 година на сградата е направен основен ремонт по ОП „Регионално развитие”.

    Днес в него се обучават 181 ученици в 8 паралелки от първи до осми клас. Има 2 полуинтернатни групи. В педагогическия екип работят 19 професионалисти, за които учителската професия е мисия. Учениците постигат успехи в урочната, извънкласната, извънучилищната дейност, състезанията, олимпиадите на общинско, областно и национално ниво.Училището работи по проекти, финансирани от национални и Европейски програми. То е едно от 84-те пилотни училища в страната по проект „Включващо обучение” по ОПРЧР за работа с ученици със СОП и продължава в тази област по проект „Подкрепа за равен достъп и личностно развитие” по ОП НОИР. Възпитаниците му имат възможност, по свой избор, да се включат в извънкласни и извънучилищни дейности, осмислящи свободното им време и създавайки им правилна професионална насоченост. По проект „Твоят час” в училището са организирани 15 групи. Училищният екип работи в партньорство с Училищното настоятелство, с екипа на ДГ „Мир”, ОДК Оряхово, кметство Селановци, община Оряхово, неправителствени организации. Училището е едно от 33 – те училища, работещи по проект „Училището като център в общността” към Националната мрежа за децата.

    Настоящият празничен пакет е дело на учениците, учителите и читалищните служители от Селановци.




    Преводът е направен от Дима Алекова, ученичка от шести клас, работила в екип със своята майка Нели……


    Our Christmas package

    How we celebrate Christmas

    Recipes Christmas cookies




    Продукти за една доза:

    2 яйца

    1 чаена чаша захар

    ½ чаена чаша мед

    ½ чаена чаша олио

    ½ пакетче канела

    2 прахчета ванилия

    1 лъжичка /за кафе/ сода бикарбонат

    Брашно, колкото поеме, за да се получи средно твърдо тесто.


    Меси се кратко време. Оформят се топчета. Тавата се намазва с олио и топчетата се подреждат на разстояние, за да не се залепят при печенето. Подходяща формичка / може капачка от бутилка/ се потапя в какао и се притиска върху топчетата. Така те започват да приличат на гъби. Пекат се на 180 градуса, в нагрята фурна. Изваждат се топли, за да не залепнат върху тавата, като се пипат внимателно, защото са меки. Подреждат се на 1 ред, докато изстинат. Сервират се на приятни хора с чай, кафе, и мляко.






    Преводът е направен от Дима Алекова, ученичка от шести клас, работила в екип със своята майка Нели…

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