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    The Association of Germans and Austrians Vukovar

    Who we are

    The Association of Germans and Austrians Vukovar was founded in 1996 in Zagreb.

    After the return to Vukovar in 2004 it is registered as an independent association with the aim to nurture the language, tradition and customs of the Donauschwaben.

    We have a choir Drei Rosen aus Vukovar, the Three Roses from Vukovar, and organize numerous different events, often international, bringing together Donauschwaben from different countries. Then verybody shows their way of caring for tradition and the customs.

    We like to get involved in different projects and cooperate from different organizations in Croatia and abroad.

    Our Christmas package


    How we celebrate Christmas


    We like to remember the Christmas customs from some 50 years ago when we were children and the tradition was more picturesque than today. We feel the joy was greater at that time. The Christmas Eve had about it a special magic because the adults would adorn the tree in hiding from the children. In the early evening straw would be brought into the room and spread across the floor. Only then would the socalled krisbaum (Christbaum, the Christmas tree) be brought in and it was adorned with self-made decoration: Walnuts painted in silver, sugar cubes covered in paper, cotton wool to imitate the snow. In the evening relatives and neighbourd would gather and eat a lean dinner, e.g. noodles with poppy seeds or ground walnuts or fish. They would drink some wine with it. Before the dinner a prayer would be said, after dinner the people would sing carols. The children would enjoy rolling in the straw and eating sweets, walnuts and apples which back then was not something we had every day.

    Today many things have changed. There is no more straw, still some people symbolically add a bunch of straw on the table. The decoration is mostly industrially manufactured since you can by it in every shop. A must-have decoration on the table is the Christmas wheat with a candle in the middle. The wheat seeds are „planted“ on the Holy Lucia. When the dinner begins, the candle is lit. The meal is more ample than it used to be.

    In my opinion the magic is not what it used to be. Still we like to go to the midnight mass and wait for Christmas. We congratulate the people with us, the relatives and neighbours and if there is snow, the magic is complete.

    Recipes Christmas cookies


    200g flour

    180g butter

    100g icing sugar

    100g ground walnuts

    Make a dough and let it rest for 30 minutes. Create wished forms with a mould. Bake for 10 minutes at 180⁰C. Be careful not to bake too long. Cool off and „glue“ the pieces together with jam. Cover the top with melted chocolate.


    210g flour

    150g butter

    80g ground almonds

    150g icing sugar

    Make a dough and let it rest for 30 minutes. Cut the dough into small pieces and form small crescent shapes. Bake at 180⁰C for about 8 to 10 minutes. Cover with vanilla flavored icing sugar.


    250g margarine

    100g icing sugar

    1 sachet of chocolate flavored pudding powder and 1 with strawberry flavor

    250g flour

    Begin by combining the margarine with the sugar. Add the other ingredients, make the dough and form balls the size of a hazelnut. Lay them onto baking paper and press each ball with a fork. Bake at 160-170⁰C for approximately 12 minutes. They should remain fair in color.


    210g semolina (flour)

    Cocoa powder

    55g margarine

    100g sugar

    2 eggs

    ½ table spoon baking powder

    a pinch of salt

    Beat the eggs with the sugar. Add the melted margarine and slowly add the other ingredients. Cover and let it cool in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Form small balls, roll in sugar, then in icing sugar and bake for 10 minutes at 180⁰C.


    2 cups flour

    1 cup sugar

    2 cups ground walnuts

    ¾ cups lard

    1 egg

    Add some cloves

    If necessary add a little bit of water or milk

    Mix all the ingredients and put them into the greased and with flour powdered moulds. After baking roll in icing sugar.



  • Original Language

    Udruga Nijemaca i Austrijanaca

    Who we are

    Udruga Nijemaca i Austrijanaca osnovana je još1996.godine u Zagrebu!

    Nakon povratka u Vukovar , 2004 . godine osniva se kao samostalna udruga, s ciljem njegovanja, jezika, tradicije i običaja Podunavskih Švaba.

    Imamo pjevački zbor „DreiRosenaus Vukovar“ i organiziramo razne manifestacije međunarodnog karaktera u kojima povezujemo Švabe iz raznih zemalja, koji pokazuju kako oni njeguju tradiciju i kulturu.

    Rado se uključujemo u razne projekte i surađujemo s drugim udrugama iz zemlje i inozemstva.

    Our Christmas package

    How we celebrate Christmas

    Recipes Christmas cookies

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    Who we are

    Our Christmas package

    How we celebrate Christmas

    Recipes Christmas cookies