SI Club Ruse The flavour of bread

After the first event under the Project “Tastes of Danube – Bread, Wine and Herbs”, when we learned about “the way of the bread” and tasted some breads made by members of SI Club Ruse, we decided to make our own rye bread. We started from scratch – a week before our meeting on 14.05. 2016, Juliana started the sourdough. It is a simple mixture of rye flour and water, which after a we [...]

Milena Popova

SI Club Ruse, Bulgaria transferres the Urteig ( sourdough) to the SI Club Brasov, Romania

On 20th March, 2016, members of two friendly Soroptimist International clubs from Brashov, Romania and Ruse, Bulgaria met in Ruse to implement the first part of their joint project, titled “ To Nurture a Talent”. Education projects are a priority for SI clubs this year and during their meeting in Ruse, the two clubs from Ruse and Brashov declared their participation in another social proj [...]

Milena Popova