"Journey of grains of wheat" in Silistra

Students from second grade “Patriots” at Primary school “Saint Ciryl and Methodius” and their teacher Mrs Margarita Boncheva participated in a school project “Entrepreneurship” and studied about the “Journey of grains of wheat” – ploughing, sowing, ripening, harvest, threshing, grain storage, flour mill and bread production. Together with Diyana Georgieva – a volunteer o [...]

Margarita Boncheva

Bread and religion

On March 23rd Students from 3rd grade Primary School “Otets Paisii” and members of “Nothing is impossible – 3N” NGO visited Orthodox Bulgarian Church “St. Peter and Paul”. Priest George told about sanctity of bread, significance in religion and life. Everyone received blessing and piece sanctified bread.

Mariana Markova

Talk about wheat

D-r Yordanka Nikolova gave a talk about wheat, kinds of breads, and healthy bread nutrition facts to the students from second grade “Patriots” at “St. Ciryl and Methodius” and their teacher Mrs. Margariata Boncheva. Diyana Georgieva member of NGO “Nothing is impossible-3N” and volunteer at the school also was there.

Margarita Boncheva

Fall festival of fertility in village Babuk

Every autumn in the village Babuk held a celebration of fertility “Earth and People” organized by the Cultural Center “Docho Mihailov-1906” and Mayoralty of village Babuk. Major exhibition “Gifts of Nature” during the event represents the lifestyle and customs of the hosts, fertility of Dobrudzha earth and hard work of its inhabitants. Local farmers expose various ag [...]

Elena Dimitrova