Paintings exhibition of the U3A Zagreb (POUZ) art students 2016 about bread, wine, herbs

On the following link you can see the paintings of the U3A (POUZ) art students. This is an annual exhibition, always held at the end of the school year. This year’s (2016) topic was “Bread, Wine, Spices to the project Tastes of Danube”. The art students of the professors Ana Tomljanović, Marko Balinger, Renata Chalupa Prvan and Frane Radak painted paintings you can see Višnja Vidmar


Dry bread stuffing

At the translation workshop, the U3A students chose to translate a recipe for the course bread with yoghurt or sour milk, dry bread stuffing and dandelion salads. The following article describes how to make dry bread stuffing. The other recipes can be read on the homepage.

Zdenka Brlek

Dark rye buns made with natural yeast

Students attending English conversation group translated yet another recipe from the book Kruh – tradicija i običaji (published by POUZ). The recipes were selected by Mrs. Ria Olić, a teacher working at the U3A, and our students chose which one they will translate. Translation was made as a homework task and students’ translations were discussed [...]

Neda, Ljiljana, Vesna, Ranka, Helena, Ljubica, Zlata and Elizabeta

Fragrances and tastes of my childhood

The favourite fragrance of my childhood is the fragrance of bread. As a little girl, I loved to go to the shop to buy some fresh bread, but on my way home, somehow, the crusty heel of bread would misteriously dissappear… And we can say the same for those soft and tasty milk rolls…

Zdenka Brlek

The fifth Making Movies workshop at U3A Zagreb

On the fifth Making Movies workshop held on April the 27th 2016 conducted within the ToD project students learned how to add recorded voice into video clip within YouTube. This is not an easy lesson but students of the advanced Computer Classes have covered it without problems. For the past 5 years with the help of their teacher Ivan Štruklec students are learning cloud technology and this was [...]

Ivan Štruklec

U3A students learn how to make movies...

Students of the advanced Computer Classes have had a new ToD Making Movies workshop during which their teacher Ivan Štruklec gave them last instructions on making video clips with their smartphones. Previously students learned how to use YouTube for editing video clips, and now their teacher Ivan Štruklec showed them how to easily transfer video clips to the YouTube channel. Students and thei [...]

Ivan Štruklec

Cooking workshop at POUZ

On Tuesday, March 29th 2016 we organized a cooking workshop in the kitchen classroom of Vedran Habel, a cooking teacher at POUZ. We prepared Viška pogača and Pinca (a traditional Easter cake). Head chefs were Zdenka Brlek, Ana Jurenić, Ria Olić and Nina Radojević, and Zvonko Veber and I were the official photographs, who also helped with tasting. It was [...]

Višnja Vidmar