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On the starting page (Home) you find a map of the countries alongside the Danube, where the participating cities are marked with differently colored circles depending on the focus of their activities:

Punkte bunt

When you move the cursor on one of these circles, the corresponding name of the city and activities started there will appear on the right side of the map. By clicking on one of these activities you can open the accompanying report. You can then chose whether you want to read the report in its „English Translation“, its „Original Language“, or in „Additional Translations“ (as far as available) by clicking on the corresponding tab.

Further down the starting page you’ll find the latest publications on recent activities – usually in English. By clicking on the title the whole article will be shown and you can chose the desired language as described above.

Filter Webseite

Below the map there is a search mask that helps you to search for certain activities by clicking in one of the fields. For example, you can search for a certain Type of activity, i.e. Bread, Herbs, Wine or just look for the latest News. In the field Country you can search for activities in a certain country, in the field City for activities in a certain city and in the field Language you can select for articles that are available in a certain language. Make your selections by clicking into the corresponding field and set a tick into the box aside the desired option by clicking on it (the selection can be removed by clicking again into the box). You can search for several criteria at the same time. When you have made your selections click on Update and the corresponding report(s) will be shown below.

Translation Webseite

About the project

For general information on the project, the participating groups (Partners) and Sponsors, current activities and events (Event Calender), where you can participate, please click on the corresponding menu in the navigation bar. You can chose the desired language by clicking on the corresponding flag.

You would like to join this project?

For more information on the project Danube Bread on Tour click on the corresponding menu in the navigation bar. There you can download also the registration form as well as baking instructions and recipes.

You are also invited to participate in our photo competition – for details on conditions for participation see: Activities/Digital photo competition

We also invite you to participate in our Bread Survey „Bread in the change of time“ – the questionnaire can be downloaded from: Materials/Bread Survey „Bread in the change of time“

One of the highlights of the project will be our Breakfast on the Danube – “Sharing bread with your Danubian neighbours” that will take place on the Herdbrücke, an old bridge connecting Ulm and Neu-Ulm on July 10th, 2016 as part of the Danube Festival – you are cordially invited to participate. More information can be found here: Danube Event – July 2016/Social event: Breakfast on the Danube – July 10th, 2016

Under Activities you’ll find a lot of other activities in which you can participate.

If you have questions, if you like to participate or if you have ideas and suggestions for further activities, you are very welcome to contact our team – for details see „Join us