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    International Food Day in Silistra

    On 16th October we celebrated international food day in Silistra library.

    We did workshop and each librarian who want to participate made some bread food. We made exhibition of food and thematic books.

    The topics of the workshop were:

    1. The international food day and it’s celebrating – facts about this day and international combat against hunger.
    1. Rules about healthy life – “We live to eat or we eat to live”
    1. Specificsinworld cuisine – Germany, France, Spain, Japain, Serbia, Romania etc.
    1. Flour, dough, meat and wine.
    • About different kind of flours – wheat, corn, rye, rice…;
    • Funny stories about bread and food;
    1. Wine tastes
    2. The world’s most expensive dishes;

    We learned new things about this day, shared recipes, and prepared delicacies. Because of the holiday we ate plenty, ignoring the rules. We had great fun and we raised a toast to you and our friends from the “Danube networkers”.

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    International Food Day in Silistra

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