First call: Christmas Packages Along the Danube

Through the action Christmas Packages Along the Danube, the partners should mutually learn about the various Christmas and New Year customs specific for the various countries as well as the culture of the pre and post-Christmas times. A direct contact should take place between the individual groups. The package should be approximately of the size of a shoe box and contain Christmas cookies (swe [...]

Carmen Stadelhofer

The winners of the photo competition

We received 125 photos representing very beautiful motives from 7 countries. In order to make an objective decision regarding the winner photos we organised a small committee to help us taking this decision. At the beginning we have chosen the best 45 pictures after the following criteria: Bread, Wine and/or Herbs in relation to daily life (e.g. bread in the family, baking bread, producing win [...]

Carmen Stadelhofer